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Upstairs at Milliways

Liz takes the stairs two at a time, probably leaving a literal cloud of dust in her wake, her heart hammering.

He probably isn't there, she tells herself; don't be disappointed if he isn't there.

The hallways up here show even more signs of what Milliways went through. There's a crack in a wall, dents here and there where objects (and maybe people) must have crashed into them. She nearly trips over a knife embedded in a step.

She's patting her vest pockets down for the key as she approaches the door to room 4204, but then she figures what the hell and tries the doorknob.

It twists in her hand. She immediately shoulders it open, hard.

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She wasn't at the Bureau.

Which, he figured, because she'd been on a mission before everything happened in Milliways, so going back through the door would have taken her there.

But, after taking care of his rescue, and grabbing a shower, Red had gone looking for a status on Liz.

The guys keeping tabs on the mission told him they'd lost contact, and their reassurances that it was probably because of the caves didn't do much for Red.

He demanded to be sent to Peru.

Threatened to steal a plane and get there himself.

Then stomped off, pissed, because he couldn't fly a plane, would probably find Atlantis before he found Peru on his own, and there hadn't been anything heavy handy to chuck across the room in a fit.

He's making his way back to the vault when a doorway unexpectedly opens to Milliways, and he blunders into the shambles of their room.

He's just recognized the place when the door bangs open and Liz comes in.

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It takes him three steps to meet her halfway, and his arms go around her; holding her up and against him with a grip just a few degrees shy of bone-crunching.

He rests his cheek against her temple, and for right now he just wants to hold onto her.
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He turns his head slightly to breath in the scent of her hair, and press his lips to her crown; more confirmation that she's here. Here and alive.

"I looked for you," he says, and while he's not the mess he was out on the battlefield, his body still carries evidence of the fight he put up in his search for her.

A gash on the arm, a bruise on his chin and nic above his eyes. Under his clean clothes there are more, but none of them are a concern, because he has her back.
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He looks down at her and pulls a smirk.

"I'm great. Little thing like an apocalypse ain't gonna take me out."

Giving her a soft smile, he lifts his flesh hand to brush a finger against her cheek.

"How about you?"
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"Coyote?" he asks, more than a little surprised.

"I saw it. Came in looking for you and saw it just as things were getting a bit rough."

A bit meaning the bar was falling down around his ears.
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He takes his first real look around and is suprised by the state of the place as well.

"I guess so. Is the whole bar like this?"
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"Amazing the place is still standing."

He's glad it is, he likes Milliways.

His smile warms when she looks at him, and his eyes close when she kisses him.

His arms tighten around her again, and the same grateful thoughts are going through him. She's okay. She's fine. They're fine.
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His hand settles on her hip, thumb smoothing back and forth along the curve there, and he nods.

"Alright. I'd like to know the part when Coyote got involved."
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He watches her, head turning from one side to the other as she passes.

"Need any help?" he offers, innocent grin in place while his eyes dance with mischief.
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He pouts a moment, but it rucks up into a smirk when she calls him over.

He needs to tell her about his new cat, but that can totally wait.